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  • If you are a public school user, you may request an account for an additional user in your school/office by calling 718-935-2986.
  • Staff at Private/Parochial schools may receive SEMS user accounts to review high school applications once the following information is faxed on school letterhead to 212 374-5568 (Note: A maximum of two user accounts can be created for a school):
    • Your private/parochial DBN code (if known)
    • Principal's name, email address, and contact info
    • Prospective user's name, email address, and contact info
    • Prospective user's title/role at the school
    • Principal's Signature
  • Neither the SEMS Help Desk nor the Office of Student Enrollment can assist you with fixing problems with your IT infrastructure, including network/internet access, printers or software (other than SEMS), or explaining how the infrastructure operates. You must resolve these issues problems through your technical support protocols. For example, if you cannot load the SEMS login page in the web browser running on your PC, you should contact your computer support staff to resolve the problem.

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